Update 7/24/17

NEW 2017 Course Schedule

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June 2017
Date Class Description Code Range Link
6/3 (Sat)
  • Pistol-II(B): Cover & Position  
170603P2B Cancelled ASR EN "D"
6/4 (Sun)
  • TAC-1 Fighting Fit Personal Defense & Fitness
 170604FF Peterson's TAC Fit
6/17 (Sat)
  • Safe Start: Intro to Firearms Safety and Shooting
170617SS Closed APS
6/17 (Sat)
  • Carbine-III: Advanced Rifle & Pistol + Low Light  1200 to 2000
 170617C3 Closed ASR Ft Angles Carbine-III
6/24 (Sat)
  • Pistol-I(b): Intro to Handgun Operation
 170624P1b Cancelled APS
6/25 (Sun)
  • Carbine-I: Intro to Defensive Carbine (AR15)
 170625C1 Closed ASR EN "C"
July 2017
7/9 (Sun)
  • Carbine-II: The Operator
170709C2 Closed ASR EN "C" 
7/15 (Sat)
  • Lt. Col. Grossman Bullet Proof Mind
170715BPM Closed Grace Comm Dave Grossman
7/22 (Sat) 
  • Pistol-I(a): Introduction to Defensive Pistol
 170722P1a Open ASR EN "A"
7/29 (Sat) 170729BLC Full ASR EN "A" PEAK
7/29 (Sat)   170729WS Open ASR EN "D"
August 2017
8/5 (Sat) 170805BLC Simi Valley PEAK
8/6 (Sun)  170806P2A Open ASR EN "C"
8/6 (Sun)  170806P1b Open ASR EN "D"
8/12 (Sat) 170812SS Open APS 
8/13 (Sun)
  • Carbine-I: Intro to Defensive Carbine (AR15)Facebook
170813C1 Open ASR EN "C" Carbine-I
8/19 (Sat)
  •  TAC-1 Advanced 3 Gun (1300 - 2100)
170819G3 Pending ASR Ft Angles 3 Gun
8/27 (Sun) 170827P1a Open ASR CR-T/G P1a
September 2017
9/10 (Sun)
  • Carbine-II: The Operator
170910C2 Pending ASR EN "C" Carbine-II
9/17 (Sun) 170917SS Pending APS
9/17 (Sun)
  • Carbine-I:
Pending ASR EN "C"  ----
9/30 (Sat)
  • Pistol-II(B): Covers and Positions
170930P2B Pending ASR T/G Pistol-II(B)
9/30 (Sat)
  • Shotgun-I: Intro to Defensive Shotgun
170930SG Pending APS Shotgun-I

training Venues

Peterson Grapplers

Peterson Grapplers is the place for MMA, WRESTLING, and BRAZILIAN JIU-JITSU! This were TAC-1 offers hand-to-hand combat 

25583 Avenue Stanford Valencia, CA 91355. (805) 469-2709


A Place to Shoot

A Place to Shoot is an outdoor Rifle, Pistol, and Shotgun Target Shooting Range located in Los Angeles County of Southern California. 

33951 San Francisquito Canyon Rd,  Santa Clarita, CA 91390 (661) 296-5552


Angeles Shooting Range

Angeles Shooting Range has been in business since 1957. ASR offer reloading classes, competitive matches and shoot for general relaxation. 

12651 Little Tujunga Canyon Rd Lake View Terrace, CA 91342 (818) 918-2364


Oaktree Gun Club

Welcome to Oak Tree Gun Club, Southern California's premier shooting facility. Nestled in the Santa Clarita Valley on a privately owned land, this family run business operates a state-of-the art shooting facility. 

23121 Coltrane Ave, Newhall, CA 91321