TAC-1 offers exciting courses in Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun and Tactical Medicine to beginners to trained and educated armed responsible citizens’ (TEARC) and as well as to the law enforcement communities. Students will learn from some of the best instructors the industry can offer. 

TAC-1 Combat Triad:

The doctrinal foundation of TAC-1 is the Combat Triad. It is composed of the three elements consisting of Combat Mindset (spirit), Skills (marksmanship, weapons handling) and Tactics (ways to gain advantage) . It is represented by the TAC-1 crest/tomoe-mon(巴紋) using the magatama (comma) symbols within the circle that are endless, interconnecting and equal in importance.These three elements are the foundation in which the ability to face and defeat violent adversary is laid out. They mutually support and complement one another; all three must be developed to the highest level of which one is capable to insure that one responds properly to violence if eminent. Mindset, however, stands at the pinnacle as our brain is the most important weapon when it comes to gun fighting.

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Our Instructors

Our intention is to provide competent training by well qualified instructors. TAC-1 training will exceed standard law enforcement training offered anywhere across the country.

TAC-1’s service is here to assist students in acquiring peace of mind by knowing that they are not helpless in the face of dangerous adversity. Those who are prepared for trouble are usually bypassed and instead easier targets are selected. We established TAC-1 to fulfill this need in our community.

Partners of TAC-1

Partners system of TAC-1 is built on a simple premise: together, we can accomplish more.  Our training recourses is a hub of organizations and companies brought together to give you solutions for your shooting.