Pistol-II(D) Classification Result (#191005P2D)

P2A's concept is to learn through self observation and with heightened awareness of every small detail of marksmanship in conjunction with added shooting conditions. All rounds fired are to be scored. Read more
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Pistol-II(D): Examination and Certification (#180428P2D)

Another successful Examination and Certification class at TAC-1.  This session took place at Angeles Shooting Ranges Eagles Nest “B” in the mid 70’s temp with slight wind – nothing to note.  There were total of 15 attendees with two Read more

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Pistol-II(D): Examination & Certification (#171021P2D)

This Pistol-II(D) is the 4th Examination and Classification TAC-1 had offered in the last 7 years.  With each test the difficulty of the shooting course is increased and this class was no different.  Students will now have Read more

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TAC-1 Pistol Workshop (#160612WS)

(Practical Shooting Competition 101)  PM

Pistol Training Workshop is an unique workshop designed as an introduction to practical shooting competition where attendees are given an opportunity to learn skills and technique needed to successfully and effectively Read more
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P2(C) – CCW AAR (Internal Memo)

Dear 140906P2C participants,

First, let us extend our gratitude in having you to select TAC-1 for your CCW training. Without your support we would not have been able to grow as one of the exclusive firearm trainings in So. Read more

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140222P3 Pistol-III Advanced Pistol

Here is the final score of the P2D test that this class took.  Interestingly, no one was able to break the Expert level and all except one medaled Sharpshooter. Fadi (Glock 17) took the Top Shot position with Read more

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TAC-1 Mindset Training w/ Dave Grossman

TAC-1 is inviting Dave Grossman to Santa Clarita for a day long training as a part of TAC-1 Mindset Curriculum.  Lt. Colonel Dave Grossman is a former West Point psychology professor, a Pulitzer Prize nominated author, and a Read more

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Pistol-II(A) Defensive Handgun Manipulation & Marksmanship course added

This class will pick up where Pistol-I had left off and take your pistol manipulation and the marksmanship to the next level.  Available on July 14th 2012.

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