Ventura County CCW Permit


TAC-1 Concealed Carry courses will answer to growing number of shooters wanting to carry their weapon in conceal manner legally in California.  Our CCW Class will educate and prepare students for the essentials of fighting while concealed carrying.

California Penal Code section 12050PC limits the training of new applicants to 16 hours, but requires a minimum of 4 hours refresher for renewals. A certificate will be issued  to students who demonstrate the knowledge and proficiency required by successfully passing written test and the practical proficiency test. The written test requires a passing grade of 80% or higher.

Our class is taught by instructors who are former law enforcement professionals and subject matter experts. Carrying a firearm in the public has great responsibility. Ensure that your instructor providing the training is vetted and they have the experience to give you the best expert advice.

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CCW Courses

CCW Permit Certification Course


COURSE TITLE: CCW California Con cealed Carry (Ventura Co.)
DATE: 7/30/22​, 08/27/22, 09/24/22, 10/29/22, 11/19/22
PREREQUISITE: TAC-1 Safe Start, Pistol-I Module or Equivalent is highly recommended
HOURS:  (8 hours)
FEE: $295 (includes one gun) - Additional Firearms / Calibers are $50 each 
FEE: $200-primary firearm; $50/additional firearm

The TAC-1/Covered 6 Concealed Carry Weapon (CCW) certification course is required by the Ventura County (CA)  Sheriff Department in order to obtain a CCW permit. Participants will learn the required training in firearm safety and the law of the permissible use of a firearm. 

This is a mandated course for selected CA counties issuing Concealed Carry permits.  This class will suffice Ventura County (CA) application process - the applicant must successfully pass and complete the written, live fire proficiency and safety assessment portion of the class. 

This 1 day/8 hr course is designed to introduce weapon and gear  selection, drawing from a concealed holster, Use of Force Options, Force Option Simulator, defensive shooting concept. This class is designed for those who had received prior handgun safety course.

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CCW Training - Compact Pistol 


COURSE TITLE: CCW Compact Pistol Training
DATE: Coming Soon!!
PREREQUISITE: TAC-1 Safe Start, Pistol-I Module or Equivalent is highly recommended
HOURS:  (8 hours)
FEE: $195

Merely taking the certification course is just not enough to effectively fight with a pistol. Take your CCW training to another level with TAC-1 Compact Pistol Training course where you'll learn to develop precise marksmanship with the carry gun through demonstration and practice.  Students will learn how to tactically draw and present the pistol from concealment. Students will be taught effective weapon retention technique and how to effectively survive during entangled encounters.  

Effectively shooting a compact carry pistol is difficult. All of the elements of marksmanship must be heightened. TAC-1's Compact Pistol Training will shed some light on the reality of gun fight and the importance of shoot or no-shoot decision making aspect of deadly encounter.  

The emphasis is on disciplined firearms' safety, moral and legal aspects of firearms use & concealed carry, aggressive weapons handling and focused shooting fundamentals. 

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Gun Safety Course


If you never taken a gun safety course, consider TAC-1's Safe Start course. Safe Start is divided into 2 phases.  The first phase is classroom lecture and practical application using a training pistol at Covered-6 indoor training center.  The second phase live fire experience with hands on guidance and monitoring by the instructors. 

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