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Firearms Proficiency

Increasing number of OIS among our officers is alarming. The need to supplemental firearms training is indispensable for officer's survival. I am committed to making sure that my officers stay safe and effective with their firearms on and off duty. 

I am opening up TAC-1's regular classes and workshop modules to you folks.  Take advantage of great discount as a LAPD, LAX. USC, Port Police officers who had trained under me during the academy. TAC-1 training, although sufficient and helpful, will surpass any divisional training in terms of attention to detail in marksmanship and operation of firearms - needless to say if you ever been my recruit.  

You will learn some of the shooting concepts that you did not learn in the academy and hone in on your shooting skill.  Let me continue to help you to stay proficient or bring back the skill you may have already lost.

Upon signing up as a HATTORI ACADEMY CLASS ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP you will immediately see the price of the class adjusted. This membership system was created so that our payment gateway recognize your discount.

Membership Instruction

  • Click the link below and register as a HATTORI ACADEMY CLASS ANNUAL MEMBER
  • Select "1" for your quality (default)
  • Click ADD TO CART
  • Click View Cart above
  • Click Proceed to Checkout
  • Fill out your personal information
  • Select Check Payment - Do not click PayPal
  • Do not send payment
  • Wait for me to give you permission to become a member
  • Upon approval you will be able to see your discount kick in for any of the classes
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Take a look at TAC-1 2019/2020 Schedule and reserve your days off in advance.  Remember class openings are limited so please sign up early and reserve your spot. Fully paying TAC-1 students have the priority in the class. If the class or workshop overflows, you will have the opportunity to be on the waiting list. 

*You must provide your own ammo, weapon, duty gear and eye & hearing protection. 

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Firearms Training

Prepare yourself to be successful in police academy training by the real academy instructors. 
Whether you are applying for LAPD, LASD, CHP or any other local agencies, taking TAC-1's Pre-Academy training will ensure that you will be ready and 
confident to excel in any police academy firearms training. Let TAC-1 teach you
the basic fundamental and proper LE firearms manipulation that will will be consistent with most LE programs 
and last you career long when confronted by deadly encounter. 

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