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Coaching Innovations

If the students are at the heart of the program, then the instructors must be the soul. Instructors give your experience context and meaning.  Our instructors have an exceptional ability to diagnose and correct your shooting challenges in a way that you understand. They encourage effort and participation and motivates students to another level. 

Our instructors all have extensive Law Enforcement backgrounds with specialized training in tactics, achievements in advanced marksmanship and self-defense. The principal philosophies of TAC-1 is that all combat training is Martial Arts - requiring physical, intellectual and spiritual development.

Lou Salseda

Lou Salseda is a co-founder and the director of training at TAC-1.  With 34 years experience in law enforcement. Lou was responsible for the LAPD's great  transformation in firearms training.  Lou brings an unprecedented amount of knowledge to TAC-1. 

"Sensei" Hattori

Co-founder and the lead instructor at TAC-1. Shoji is currently employed by a very large metropolitan police department in Los Angeles as a full time Police Officer.  He is assigned to the Firearms Training Section as a primary firearms instructor.  Shoji also instruct for organizations like the National Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor Association, NRA, and an adjunct instructor for the FBI Firearms Instructor Development course.