Pistol-II(A): CQT & Movements

NEW Pistol-II(A)

Tactical Movements & Extreme Close Quarter Shooting


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Pistol-I(a) & Pistol-I(b) or Equivalent

Schedule & Price

November 28th, 2020 (Sat)

(0800-1630 thrs)




12651 Little Tujunga Canyon Rd Lake View Terrace, CA 91342

Fort Angeles Range


Min 400


Tactical Movements & Extreme Close Quarter Shooting                

Pistol-II(A): Tactical Movements & Extreme Close Quarter Shooting is the first of TAC-1's Intermediate tactical handgun series.  This 8 hour class focuses on developing advanced marksmanship abilities, combat shooting concepts, clearing sectors and tactical movements will be covered.  The concept of dominating the weapon, threat, and all visual areas will be emphasized throughout the class.  Students will develop reflexive skills that will enable them to quickly and efficiently engage threats while performing multiple complex tasks.

Advanced Marksmanship & Combat shooting Concepts

Module Time: 0800 hrs to 1230 hrs

Once the students get a general understanding of the fundamental of marksmanship, the next progression is to understand and implement combat shooting technique.  Students must have working knowledge of precision based shooting and impeccable safety habits. 

Extreme close quarter shooting will be introduced in conjunction with additional muzzle directional techniques. 

Ammo min 200 rounds

Tactical Movements

Module Schedule: 1230 hr to 1630 hrs

The second half of the class will evaluate the concept of moving with a gun. Once again, through understanding of marksmanship will be required to fully take advantage of this module. 

Shooting involving movements is one of the most difficult aspects of tactical or competitive shooting. Small details of body mechanics in conjunction with marksmanship will be drilled utilizing steel targets.  

Ammo min 250 rounds

P2A Course Subject

The following technique and concepts will be introduced at a reasonable pace for the maximum retention.

Advanced OPERATION (0800-1200)

Discussion and practical understanding of Principals of personal defense & Combat Shooting

4 Basic Firearms Safety Rules & Safety Brief

Principals of personal defense & Combat Shooting

Mental conditioning and combat mindset

Advanced Marksmanship

Understanding Combat Shooting Tech

Alternative Sight Picture and Trigger Control

Extreme Close Quarter (0800-1200)

Students are introduced to the concept of CQB and tactics via practical application.

CQB Drawing and Presentation 

Moving off the line of force

Striking and Firearms

Un-sighted Shooting

Clearing Corners

Application of Close Quarter Battle (CQB)

Movements (1200-1630)

Students are introduced to the concept of movements and body mechanics

Overview: Shooting on the Move

Moving and shooting

Moving Forward & Backward

Moving at Angle/Oblique/Lateral

Moving Off Line / Parallel

Turning and shooting

Combined skill evaluation & qualification

Needed Gear

    • Full/Compact Semi Auto Pistol (9mm, 40 cal., 45 cal.)
    • Ammunition (Students must provide own ammo)
    • Holster
    • Sturdy belt
    • Magazines (4 or more recommended)
    • Magazine pouch (holds to magazines)
    • Dummy Rounds (5 minimum)
    • Eye protection (Prefer clear with no color - some tint is acceptable)
    • Ear protection (both outer and inner protections are recommended)
    • Works gloves 
    • Cap or Hat (highly recommended)
    • Appropriate attire for weather & flying hot brass
    • Marking Pen (Sharpies)
    • Water and snacks (also available on-site for purchase)
    • Gun bag/case to store and transport firearms
    • Folding Chair for your comfort*

**Upon registration, students are provided with a Discount Code courtesy of LA Police Gear for all of their shopping need.



Angeles Shooting Ranges: 12651 Little Tujunga Canyon Rd Lake View Terrace, CA 91342




Range Info and Direction: (818) 918-2364

Class info: (661) 857-7722