TAC-1: Tactical Advanced Combat
Premiere Firearms & Weapons Training

Carbine-I: Introduction to Tactical Carbine


When:   February 22nd (Sat) 2019 (0900-1700)  #200222C1  CANCELLED
Where:  Angeles Shooting Range in Lake View Terrace, CA (Fort Angeles 100 yard range)
Ammo: 250 Rounds

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Subject Matters: (Subject may change)

  • Firearms training and basic safety
  • Introduction to the AR-15
  • Essential law pertaining to AR (California)
  • Nomenclature
  • Mechanical operation of the AR-15 / M-4 rifle
  • Disassembly and re-assembly of the AR-15 / M-4 rifle
  • Care & cleaning, preventive maintenance
  • Function checking the AR-15 / M-4 rifle – Chamber Check
  • Fundamentals of shooting a rifle
  • Elements of Marksmanship
  • Loading / unloading the AR-15 / M-4 rifle
  • Sling use and carry techniques
  • Understanding projectile trajectory
  • Sight adjustment (MOA) and zeroing
  • Confirming mechanical off-set and hold-off POI
  • Presentation from the low ready
  • Presentation from high ready
  • Presentation from SUL
  • Delivering controlled pairs and accelerated pairs
  • Reloads (CA compliant bullet button discussed)
  • Malfunction clearance techniques
  • Shooting positions – standing, squatting, kneeling and prone
  • Basic rifle marksmanship qualification course
  • Debrief



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