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Duty Pistol with Red Dot Transition Course


When: November 12 – 13, 2020 Wait Listed

Where: San Luis Obispo Sheriff’s Department
Ammo Count: 700 Rounds

Instructors: Sensei Hattori, Stephen Odom

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With the rise in popularity and the adaptation of the use of red dot sights (RDS) for duty pistols in law enforcement, TAC-1 had prepared a comprehensive transition course to introduce the concept behind operating the pistol with red dot sight. This class is designed to assist the officers to transition to the RDS and effective use it in their respective field assignments.  Topics covered include discussion on RDS reliability, pistol setup, presentation, acquiring the dot, tracking the dot in recoil, target to target transitions and much more.

Subject Matter Samples:
The hardware: RDS technology, holster, mounting, battery, BUS
Hardware Reliability
Environmental Factor for use of RDS
RDS Pros & Cons vs Iron Sights
Stress and Focal point
RDS Aiming and Sight Picture
The Grip & Stance factor
Drawing and Presentation from Holster using RDS
Zeroing the RDS
Dot Behavior in recoil
Tracking the dot and shooting errors

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