LAPG Women Only Pistol Workshop

When: December 19th, 2021  (Sun) Where: Angeles Shooting Ranges "Eagles Nest A" OPEN

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Women’s Pistol Workshop is a session where women get to work on their shooting fundamental in a comfort among their peers.  The course will provide the usual TAC-1’s attentiveness to safety, comfortable and well paced learning workshop to build proficiency in firearms. The day starts with briefing of the safety protocol, discuss and implement the Fundamental of Shooting, apply buddy training system and ultimately progress to live fire application.  If you don’t have a firearms to shoot, no worries.  You may use a gun provided by TAC-1.  This workshop opportunity is great for women who are sometimes intimidated or feel reserved by male dominated shooting classes.

Prerequisite: SAFE START, Pistol-I(a) & (b) highly recommended
Ammunition: Approx. 200 rounds


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