Shotgun-II: Tactical Shotgun


Advanced Shotgun


ShOTGUN-2 Course Objective

The following technique and concepts will be instructed.


Students are introduced to basic safety, ammo & weapon types

4 Basic Firearms Safety Rules

Principles of personal defense

REVIEW: Loading, Downloading, Unloading

REVIEW: Combat Reload & Tac Reload

REVIEW: Carry Positions

Weapon Operation

Students are introduced to advanced concept of sdhotgun operation. 

Presentation of shotgun

Moving off the line of force

Various Shooting Positions

 Ammunition management 

Slug Select techniques

Live Fire & Combat Shooting

Students are introduced to the concept of Live Fire & Combat Shooting

Shotgun at CQB

Combat and Tactical Reloading

Shotgun Movements

Shooting Clays (Enshrinement) 

Combined skill evaluation & qualification



Course Objective:

This half-day Tactical Shotgun course takes the student beyond the basics of shotgun shooting and introduces the student to deployment techniques that are critical when using the shotgun for personal defense.

Fast operation and quick reloading will be heavily emphasized.  Perfect class to prepare for 3 Gun completion.  Auto-loading shotgun operation will also be taught. 

Shotgun-I overview


Pistol-I, Pistol-II, Shotgun-I or Equivalent 

Time & Schedule

December 30th, 20167 #171230SG2 (0800 to 1200)

Price - $95


A Place to Shoot
 33951 San Francisquito Canyon Rd,  Santa Clarita, CA 91390
(661) 296-5552


150 rounds of birdshot
25 rounds of low recoil buckshot
25 rounds of low recoil slug
50 pistol rounds

Needed Gear

    • Serviceable Tactical Shotgun (12 gauge pump or semi-auto police shotgun)
    • Ammunition*
    • Tactical 2 Point Sling**
    • Shot Shell Carrier (California Competition Works)
    • Dump bag (highly recommended)
    • Eye protection (Prefer clear with no color)
    • Ear protection (Highly recommend ear plug type vs. ear muffs. Both outer and inner protections are recommended)
    • Cap or Hat (highly recommended)
    • Appropriate attire for weather & hot brass/shell
    • Knee pads (highly recommended)
    • Shooting mat (highly recommended)
    • Water and snacks
    • Folding chair for your comfort
    • Gun bag/case to store and transport any firearms

Ammunition*: 20 rounds of 12 gauge slug. 20 rounds of 12 gauge 00 buckshot. 100 rounds of birdshot (#6, #7½, #8 or #9). The buckshot must be low recoil capable of shooting a group no larger than 18 inches at 15 yards.

**Slings: (Upon registering, TAC-1 will provide you with a LA Police Gear Discount Code for all purchases on their website)

LA Police Gear 2 to 1 Point Sling http://www.lapolicegear.com/lapg-2-1-point-sling.html

Blue Force Gear Vickers Combat Applications Sling http://www.lapolicegear.com/blue-force-vickers-sling-acetal.html

Feel free to contact us for any assistance with your sling outfitting.