TAC-1 Combat Team Tryout

Team TAC-1

TAC-1 is now building a Combat Shooting Team where we put together a select few individuals to go out and compete in local shooting competitions representing TAC-1 and yourself.  The team unity will provide a unique support system where shooters are no longer by themselves attending these events.  Members of the team will provide support for scoring, timing, tips, coaching, troubleshooting, photo/video opportunity, supplying  food & drink and much more at the shooting events.  Team member will also have special discounts to TAC-1’s unique partnership with product endorsements and sponsorships. Each team member will compete with a specially designed shooting shirts designed by The Winning Team of Santa Clarita.  Benefits are countless.

On 8/11/12, we are holding our first Team tryout. The attendee will need to score 150 or better in the IDPA classifier – that’s equivalent of a Sharp Shooter.  Everyone will have several practice runs along with instructions to best hit the targets in timed strings. Do you have what it takes to be on the TAC-1 Combat Team?

This Team tryout will be conducted concurrently with the TAC-1 Skill Building Workshop, so feel free to give it a try!  <More>