Tactical RDS

Tactical RDS -Pistol with Red Dot Optics

Course Goal

Train the Trainer

With the rise in popularity and the adaptation of the use of red dot sights (RDS) for both civilian and on duty pistols in law enforcement, TAC-1 had prepared a comprehensive class to introduce the concept behind the pistol with red dot sight and its effective operation. This class is designed to assist the shooters to transition into an effective use of red dot sights for pistol.  The following technique and concepts will be introduced at a reasonable pace for the maximum retention. 


  • Semi Auto Pistol with RDS  (9mm, 40 cal., 45 cal.)
  • 400 rds Ammunition ( Students must provide own ammo.)
  • RDS compatible holster (nylon holsters or holsters that does not fully protect the trigger or holster that releases the firearm with the trigger finger are not allowed)
  • Duty gear or sturdy belt
  • Magazines (4 or more recommended)
  • Magazine pouch (holds to magazines)
  • Dummy Rounds (5 minimum)
  • Eye protection (Prefer clear with no color)
  • Electronic hearing protection (both outer and inner protections are recommended)
  • Cap or Hat (highly recommended)
  • Appropriate attire for weather & flying hot brass
  • Marking Pen (Sharpies)
  • Water and snacks (also available on-site for purchase)
  • Lunch (30 min lunch break)
  • Gun bag/case to store and transport firearms
  • Folding Chair for your comfort*

July 30th, 2023 (Sun)

Advanced Tactical RDS -Pistol 3


Piru Shooting Ranges: 6700 Holser Canyon Road, Piru, CA 93040

0800 to 1630 hrs (8 hrs)

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