TAC-1 WorkshoP

TAC-1's Workshop is session  designed as skill building practice session for those who had previously taken TAC-1 Pistol-I module or equivalent. This 4 hr. handgun workshop will review techniques that were instructed and will continue to hone in on Elements of Marksmanship.


Advanced Marksmanship

Accuracy & Marksmanship

MARCH 16TH, 2019 1230 - 1630 (SOLD OUT)

This Workshop provides an unique opportunity for the students to train and practice what you were already taught in TAC-1 Pistol-I module.  The focus is on marksmanship and accuracy, repetition of techniques, safe handling, proper manipulation and drills.

Topic: Basic firearms safety rules, proper stance, grip, drawing and presentation, loading/unloading, chamber checking, acquiring sight picture, 3 trigger controls, follow through, reloading & more.

Advanced Competition Drills

April 20th, 2019 1230 -1630 (190420WS)

Competition Workshop is an unique workshop designed as an introduction to practical shooting competition where attendees are given an opportunity to learn skills and technique needed to successfully and effectively participate in local matches.  Rules of engagement, safety and tactics are discusses and drilled.  

 This workshop is aimed for those who had successfully completed Pistol_II modules at TAC-1.  This 4 hr. pistol workshop will review techniques based on already instructed in Pistol-I & Pistol-II.  Students will be given different drills and practices that are difficult to reproduce at local ranges.  Students will have an opportunity to shoot a Classifier to determine their shooting abilities.

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Q: But I've already taken Pistol-II courses. Do I need this Workshop? 

A: It depends on your ability to execute what you were taught.  As far as we are concerned, it doesn't hurt to continue training the basics with our instructors. 

Q: I would like to take your Pistol-II(D). Would it help to pass the test? 

A: We will go over the material covered in the manipulation portion of the test.  You must be able to do each manipulation smoothly during the test.

Q: Will this Workshop be too easy for me? 

A: If you think the basic fundamental operation of your handgun is easy, try it under stress when someone is shooting at you! Repetition is the key.

Q: I forgot most of the technique TAC-1 taught me.  Can I still attend? 

A: This is the reason why we are putting this Workshop together. 


Must have satisfactorily completed Pistol-I

Where & When

A Place to Shoot Range

33951 San Francisquito Canyon Rd,  Santa Clarita, CA 91390

March 16th 2019

Ammo Count

Min: 400 Rounds

Needed Gear

    • Semi Auto Pistol (9mm, 40 cal., 45 cal.)
    • Ammunition (Students must provide own ammo)
    • Holster
    • Sturdy belt
    • Magazines (3 or more recommended)
    • Magazine pouch (holds to magazines)
    • Dummy Rounds (5 minimum)
    • Eye protection (Prefer clear with no color)
    • Ear protection (both outer and inner protections are recommended)
    • Cap or Hat (highly recommended)
    • Appropriate attire for weather & flying hot brass
    • Marking Pen (Sharpies)
    • Water and snacks (also available on-site for purchase)
    • Gun bag/case to store and transport firearms
    • Folding Chair for your comfort*

**Upon registration, students are provided with a Discount Code courtesy of LA Police Gear for all of their shopping need.


A Place to Shoot: 33951 San Francisquito Canyon Rd,  Santa Clarita, CA 91390




Range Info: (661) 296-5552

Class info: (661) 857-7722

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