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TAC-1 Classification

Pistol-II(D): Qualification & Classification is where students put all of the elements taught in Pistol-I and Pistol-II modules together and demonstrate their proficiency in marksmanship and operation of their semi-automatic handgun.


TIME: 0800 to 1800

Firearms Safety Rules.

TAC-1 Basic Firearms Safety Rules These four Basic Firearm Safety Rules are not designed for range use only. These rules must be ingrained into the shooter's natural thought process and become second nature. Any violation of the Four Basic Firearm Safety Rules is a serious matter with the potential of having tragic results.

  1. Treat all guns are always loaded and know the condition of your firearms at all times. 
  2. Never allow the muzzle to cover anything you are not willing to shoot 
  3. Keep your finger off the trigger until you're on target and you intend to shoot 
  4. Be sure of your target and be aware of the surrounds  

Shooting Concepts include:

  • Administrative and Combat functions, Malfunction clearing, Reloading and more.
  • Shooting on the move, shooting and moving, getting off the X.
  • Shooting from various kneeling positions, prone, supine, lateral prone.
  • Students will engage various static targets during a live-fire session while using cover incorporating various shooting positions and shooting on the move.


In preparation for this Classifier, students must have completed our basic and intermediate courses in order to be successful.  Students are tested on their learnings through TAC-1's fundamental of pistol shooting and basic standard.   

Pistol-1 (a)&(b)

Pistol-2 (A)&(B)

This course will test students their abilities to manipulate, operate and shoot to best of their abilities. Upon successful completion of written and manipulation test students are presented with various course of fire to assess their marksmanship abilities under timed conditions. Shooting from various alternative shooting positions, shooting on the move and barricade shootings are all part of the shooting test. This firearms examination course will be presented in three parts: (1) Written test (2) Live fire Manipulation (3) Combat shooting course.

TAC-1 BELT Standard

These are the elements of the test. All of the elements are covered and discussed in Pistol-I(a), Pistol-I(b), Pistol-II(A), Pistol-II(B) & Pistol-II(C). Students will need to know the concept of changing levels, stabilizing the shooting platform and prone positions.

Master – 95% an higher 
Expert – 90% and higher 
Sharpshooter – 85 % and higher 
Marksman – 80% and higher 
Passing score must reach 80% or higher


Piru Shooting Ranges: 6700 Holser Canyon Road, Piru, CA 93040

Do not exceed the posted speed limit at this range as it will be enforced by the range staff. Please study the Google Map in advance. Do not use your cell phone. You will lose signal and you will be lost.