TAC-1 offers exciting courses in firearms training for all levels for both civilians and law enforcement.  Select your level of expertise and let us place you in the right course for your need. 

Frequently Asked Question: Q&A



  • Never held a gun
  • Just purchased a gun
  • Planning to purchase a gun in the near future
  • Haven't shot in years
  • Never taken a formal gun/hunter safety course

Recommended course:


Basic Knowledge/Proficient

  • Go shooting often
  • Have working knowledge
  • Comfortable with guns
  • Have taken courses with other instructor
  • LEO needed tune up

Recommended course:



  • Have taken numerous classes
  • Avid comp shooter
  • LEO with proficient marksmanship
  • Can demo skills on demand
  • Extremely safety conscious
  • Solid Fundamental

Recommended course:

Bonus Course Seminar

This Clinic will breakdown and evaluate the Bonus Course element by element. We will break down the time and detailed technique to successfully approach each phases of fire. This evaluation of the Bonus Course is revolutionary and not commonly discussed in the department. 

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How to Select your LE Backup Guns

Click to see the various recommended Backup and Off-Duty guns to make the right and informed decision for your carry gun. 

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1-on-1 Training


Consider TAC-1's private training ses​sion for the best one-on-one attention you deserve. 

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Training Center

In partnership with Covered 6, we offer many of the training our of our Patriot Training Center located in Moorpark, CA. This world class facility is like no other training facility found anywhere with full sim-city, mat space for ground control, fully outfitted fitness circuit, spacious classroom with state of the art AV system, full bar and eating facility and gear & apparel showroom.

TAC-1: Tactical Advanced Combat

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