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Top Frequently Asked Questions

Which Class is Right for Me?

Generally speaking, if you don't have any formal training start our book from Chapter 1 and learn from scratch.  If you are all so new to firearms, our Safe Start program may suit you well.  Most importantly, you should be completely submerged in learning the basic fundamental. If you insist on attending our Intermediate and Advanced courses without taking our basic level courses, we will send you a shooting standard and you should be able to meet those standards before participating. 

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Is there a way for students to rent a firearm? 

Yes rentals are available for fee. Please inquire before the class. Often rental options are incorporated into the checkout process. Simply select "Need Rental" option. If such option is not available send us a email to request rental.  Most shooters at higher level own and train with their own firearms. The rental fee is $50 for a handgun including holster mand magazine pouch. Inquire info@tac-1.org to reserve your weapon. 

Conditions are:
1) Must be 21 years of age or attend the class with a parent or a legal guardian
2) Must adhere to terms and conditions
3) Must be registered for a scheduled class and must provide a government issued ID during the rental
4) Must be legally qualified to own and possess a firearm

Inquire info@tac-1.org to reserve your weapon. 

What is the differences between private training and our courses?

Private training is just that – private and 100% customizable depending on your need. Any classes have set curriculum and you’ll learn among others the importance of range command and safety within a group setting.  Prices are also different. Obviously private lessons are more ($100 per hour) with 2 hour minimum, 4 hour max.  Classes usually run 8 hrs and have set prices as well.

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Is it possible to sign up for a class without fulfilling the prerequisite?

Yes. As long as the student understands what they should be proficient before attending the desired course. Our modules are well designed and we take each shooters step by step to allow them to become a proficient shooter. We have set curriculum and we break down each technique and concept for the students to learn and understand.  There are no classes too easy or too basic for any shooters.  Having said that, yes a student may skip a class and jump into higher modules as long as the student is confident that they are up to the level of the class.  The student must be fully confident with his/her level of safety.

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There are classes I would like to take but not offered on the schedule.

We are constantly updating our schedule. Check back in with us later.  We usually offer courses to work on progression for our current students and classes that have the most demand.

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I don't have much items listed on the required gear section. Can you help?

You must have everything listed on the Required Gear section listed in each of the courses. Gear selection is very important and you must have the right stuff. Proper holster is essential for safe and effective drawing. Magazine pouch should be practical as well. We suggest a few companies that manufacture holsters for various handgun types. Email us for detail.

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