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Watch TAC-1 in action on "24 LEGACY" on Fox. Our director, Lou Salseda worked closely with the starr of the television series, Corey Hawkins to bring his character to a new level of reality with precise gun handling skills and on screen action choreography.  Scheduled to air right after the Superbowl on Feb. 5 2017. 

First Response Tactical Casualty Care (LEFR-TCC) program 2/3/2017

LEFR-TCC teaches public safety first responders including police, other law enforcement officers, firefighters, and other first responders the basic medical care interventions that will help save an injured responder's life until EMS practitioners can safely enter a tactical scene. It combines the principles of PHTLS and TCCC, and meets the recommendations of the Hartford Consensus document and TECC guidelines. 

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Tactical advanced combat

Training & Development

See the effect of TAC-1 training on self-concept, self-esteem, and self efficacy

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Private Training


Consider TAC-1's private training session to receive the one-on-one 
attention you need and deserve. 

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TAC-1 Programs


From our Safe Start program for new shooters to advanced tactical classes, students will gain a firm command of fundamentals and rise to the challenge of advanced skills and techniques. 

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Students will learn the skills necessary to safely and effectively operate and maintain the AR-15 carbine weapon system, developing confidence and increasing accuracy.

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Utilized by law enforcement and the military, the shotgun has long proven to be both an effective deterrent and a fight stopper. Experience introductory to advanced training for this potent weapon system.

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Edged Weapon

Through force-on-force and force-on-target training, this course will introduce students to the skills and techniques needed for the effective use of a knife in a defensive encounter.

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Film & Televison Advisor

Tac-1 is pleased to offer technical consulting services for film and television. The Tac-1 team of current and former law enforcement and military professionals can give your production the inside edge in authenticity and realism. 

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