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Pistol-II(D): Examination and Certification (#180428P2D)

Another successful Examination and Certification class at TAC-1.  This session took place at Angeles Shooting Ranges Eagles Nest “B” in the mid 70’s temp with slight wind – nothing to note.  There were total of 15 attendees with two Read more

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TAC-1 Pistol Workshop (Practical Shooting Competition 101) After Action Report

Pistol Training Workshop is an unique workshop designed as an introduction to practical shooting competition where attendees are given an opportunity to learn skills and technique needed to successfully and effectively participate in local matches.  Rules Read more
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Pistol-III 1911 – Advanced Pistol Shooting (#151122P3) FINAL

Congratulation to Dave Shaw for taking the Top Shot!

*correction on 11/23/15 Ramin shot 40 (not 10) on WSSC #1 bringing him from the 7th to the 4th spot.

# Name Rank Dot (1) Modi P1 FBI WSSC #1 Read more
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Pistol-III 1911 – Advanced Pistol Shooting (#151122P3)

Schedule and Course of Fire for P3 (#151122P3)

0730 – Range Set-up and Registration (All to participate) 0800 – Introduction & Safety [Lou] 0830 – Overview of TAC-1 1911 Manipulation and Elements of Thumb Safety [Shoji} 0845 – Application Read more

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AAR: Dave Shaw’s Birthday Shoot Off

The Planning:

Dave Shaw contacted me about a month ago to plan a small get together where he could shoot with some of his closest shooting buddies for his 44th birthday and he wanted me to facilitate the session. Read more

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Pistol Workshop (#150404WS)

The mini course we designed on the “A” range challenged students with distance shooting, moving and shooting, target transition, tactical & speed reload, barricade shooting from cover, failure drill and finishing it off with a one handed shooting.  Some Read more

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Pistol Workshop (Oct. 5th 2014)

Course Topic: Pistol Drills for Skill Building

What:  *The 500 Rounds Derby: Students will shoot at least 500 rounds in quality drills and practices in 4 hrs. Get some ammo!

When: Oct 5 th, 2014 (0800-1200 Read more

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TAC-1 Mindset Training w/ Dave Grossman

TAC-1 is inviting Dave Grossman to Santa Clarita for a day long training as a part of TAC-1 Mindset Curriculum.  Lt. Colonel Dave Grossman is a former West Point psychology professor, a Pulitzer Prize nominated author, and a Read more

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