Pistol-II: Intermediate Handgun


Intermediate Handgun


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Pistol-II's four modules will provide students with basic combative pistol shooting fundamentals. 

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Pistol-II(A): Close QUARTER & Movements

Extensive one-handed marksmanship and fundamental of combat shooting & close quarter battle (CQB) will be covered. The second half of the class will focus on movements and will evaluate the bio mechanics needed to shoot while and on the move. Ideally a shooter should shoot from the most stable position available. Unless adversaries are toe to toe, stationary gunfights are rare.

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Pistol-II(B): Cover & Positions

Pistol-II(B) will introduce the concept of shooting from Cover & Concealment and shooting from alternative positions. This challenging 1-day (8 hrs) training course focuses on engaging threats using cover and from different positions. The concepts of moving off the line-of-force and movement to cover while engaging a threat will be emphasized. 

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Pistol-II(C): Compact/Concealed Pistol & Low Light

This course is designed to introduce defensive shooting technique to Concealed Carry permit holders, new applicants or anyone looking to gain insight into the concept of concealed carry. This session will also provide an excellent trigger time for any law enforcement personnel needing range time with their Off Duty or Plain Clothes carry guns. *This class is designed for those who had received prior formal firearms training.

Low Light Pistol: Technical and the practical understanding of the effective employment of the handheld flashlight in conjunction with the pistol in a low light environment will be examined.  Various hand held flashlight technique will be presented.  Concept of "night vision" will be explained and applied.

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Pistol-II(D) Examination & Certification

Pistol-II(D) will assess student's progress and their technical retention of all of the skill sets taught in Pistol-I and Pistol-II. Students will review and be tested on elements ranging from handgun operation, marksmanship, position shooting and movements in a controlled testing environment.

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Pistol-II Module

Intermediate level

Prerequisite: Must have satisfactorily completed Pistol-I or equivalent.  (Contact TAC -1 for your qualifications) *We highly recommend students to take Pistol-II's four Phases in sequence, however it is not required that students do so.

Introduction: Pistol-2 will teach students on the fundamentals of tactical/combat handgun shooting. Courses will review and expand on aspects of safety on and off the range, combat mind set, the 7 elements of handgun marksmanship, and the 5 elements of the "Modern Technique of the Pistol".  Each module has clearly defined curriculum for students to establish their skills needed for combat shooting. What separates TAC-1 from the rest is its uncompromising attention to detail to the firearm manipulations and safety

Objective: Pistol-II's four modules will provide students with basic combative pistol shooting fundamentals. Students will spend adequate time on each technique to allow proper acquisition of technique so that the students are not to be rushed through the class.