Pistol-2: Intermediate Tactical Handgun

Pistol-2's three modules will provide students with combative pistol shooting in association with the use of tactics.  Pistol-2 is divided into 3 phases (A, B, C). Each phase will teach students on the tactical pistol shooting essential and technique needed for law enforcement and personal/home defense applications. Courses will review and expand on aspects of safety in a dynamic conditon, use of cover, movements, aggressive gun handling and stress psychology, and the enhanced elements of pistol marksmanship.


Advanced Marksmanship & TACTICAL MOVEMENT

Pistol-II(A): Tactical Movements & Extreme Close Quarter Shooting is the first of TAC-1's Intermediate tactical handgun series.  This 8 hour class focuses on developing advanced marksmanship abilities, combat shooting concepts and tactical movements will be covered.  The concept of dominating the weapon, threat, and all visual areas will be emphasized throughout the class.  Students will develop reflexive skills that will enable them to quickly and efficiently engage threats while performing multiple complex tasks.

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Pistol-II Phase(B) will introduce the important concept of shooting from Cover & Concealment. This challenging 1-day (8 hrs) firearms training course focuses on engaging threats using cover while minimizing self as target. Furthermore, the concept of moving off the line-of-force and moving into cover while engaging a threat will be instructed.



Close Encounter Battle & Low Light Shooting 

Extensive one-handed marksmanship and fundamental of combat shooting & close quarter battle (CQB) will be covered. The second half of the class will focus on ​Low Light Pistol: Technical and the practical understanding of the effective employment of the handheld flashlight in conjunction with the pistol will be examined.  Various hand held flashlight technique will be presented.  Concept of "night vision" will be explained and applied.

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