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In partnership with Covered 6, we are excited to bring back the ever popular Safe Start program in Fall 2020!

Safe Start is divided into 2 phases.  The first phase is classroom lecture and practical application using a training pistol at Covered-6 indoor training center.  The second phase live fire experience with hands on guidance and monitoring by the instructors. 


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Safe Start programs  

The program is designed to provide a quick hands-on introduction to the safe handling and proper orientation to legal concept of gun ownership and home/personal projection. 

Firearms LAW

  • Brief overview of Use of Deadly Force. Law of possession, storage and transporting firearms, 

Pistol & Ammunition

  • Types of guns & ammunition, how to select firearms and caliber, function of semi-auto pistol. 


  • Home Safety & Transporting Firearms, small children and firearms, storage and staging firearms, legal and financial liability.


  • Loading & Unloading (practical application), racking and guiding the slide. Loading ammunition into magazines. 


  • Learning the basic elements of marksmanship including stance, grip, aiming and shooting.

Live Fire Application

  • One-on-One session with instructor to shoot live ammunition at the range.  Enjoy fun drills and final friendly competition for bragging rights and a special gift. 

Safe Start gallery

"I started my adventure with in January of 2018 with the Safe Start Class (get over my fear of guns) and this photo was my first private lesson with my new Glock 19. I went from being extremely fearful of firearms to loving it and training any chance I get. I have learned so much and have made such great friends at Tac-1 that I am very grateful for!" Andreea C.