Pistol Workshop (#150404WS)


The mini course we designed on the “A” range challenged students with distance shooting, moving and shooting, target transition, tactical & speed reload, barricade shooting from cover, failure drill and finishing it off with a one handed shooting.  Some were seasoned in shooting a course like this Band this was a complete foreign concept for some.  Some shot the course smoothly without a hitch. But as always when stress gets going we always see increased incidences of weapon malfunctions. It is highly advisable for many to polish up on the malfunction clearance drills to save time and if in real life situation would mean – saving lives. This type of course is a balancing act of speed and accuracy. Faster you shoot, accuracy may suffer. This type of shooting is a thinking game where you must keep your head in the game and not to drift away and forget the sequence of fire – all this adds to the shooter’s anxiety and their stress level.

Paul Sol came in first with hit factor of 2.087 (added Points divided by Raw time).  Since Kawika and Doug shot .45 they will be considered to be in the Major category where it gives them extra point in B,C,D area of hits. Any Misses (M) are -10 points. We did not deduct points for failing to perform the mandatory reload, shooting targets in wrong sequence, shooting from wrong port hole, loading extra rounds for this course. Simple calculation of  speed and accuracy was mainly assessed.

Daniel Luna’s time was one of the fastest, however his speed sacrificed accuracy and dropped 3 Missed shots which cost him dearly. [He was shooting a 1911 .45 so that puts him in the Major category]

Chris shot moderately fast and shot accurate rounds which brought him into the 2nd spot behind Paul.

Mike Dozier’s new grip may have helped him tremendously since he shot himself into the 3rd spot which reminds us of how he used to shoot. I guess no spinning for him today…

I am glad that Angie showed up today and represented. She had improved exponentially and blended right into the class with other intermediate/advanced shooters. We’d like to see her more often on the range and getting her hands dirty.

Doug took some time off from his food business and came out to shoot with us. As usual he shot his 1911 from concealment.  He was consistently accurate. If he sped up his time, he would have easily came in at the top.

Mike S. shot well with good speed. However, his couple Missed shots hurt him greatly which brought his score down to the 5th spot.

Erich barely beat Dave Shaw taking the 7th spot with his kilt despite his catastrophic weapon malfunction he’d experience at the barricade. He was just simply happy to be there today. He was more concerned about his broken down Subie than his missed shot.

Jay never really shot action pistol course before but he’d handled himself well.  It was a true learning experience for him at the workshop.

Stu’s run was nothing but smooth. He had issue with reloading where he’d inserted a magazine with only 2 rounds in it. After in battery speed reload, he racked the slide spitting out a live (good) round from the chamber. I believe he did this twice. He fumbled with magazine which caused him difficulty inserting the magazine. Every which way his performance dwindled down to 58 seconds with a Miss which is unusual for Stu who had taken the TOP SHOT prize a the classes he’d taken with us. He was clearly frustrated which I felt it was good for him – not to be mean but to make him realize that this is all part of the process of becoming a better shooter.

I did not count myself in the ranking for this shoot off since I was the facilitator, but since Chris Weir challenged me to shoot it – I shot it just for fun.

 Time T1T2T3T4T5T6T7T8T9T10 Score
Kawika Dave (8)44.31C,DA,AD,MA,CA, MA,AC,D,AA,D,BA,C,DC1.332
.45 M&PMajor610-89-510111111459 pt
Mike Dozier (3)42.98C,DA,AA,CA,AC,CB,CA,C,AA,C,BA,C,MC1.605
9mm M&PMinor410810661311-2369 pt
Doug Biggs (4)62.85A,CA,AA,CA,CA,BB,BA,AA,A,BA,A,AC1.543
.45 1911 Major9109998101415497 pt
Angie DeGgra (11)74.85C,CA,MA,MA,AA,CA,BA,C,MA,C,MA,A,MM0.106
XD 9mmMinor6-5-51088-2-20-108 pt
Paul Sol Luna (1)44.08A,CA,CA,AA,CA,CB,BA,A,BA,A,BA,C,AA2.087
M&P 9mmMinor8810886131313592 pt
Chris Weir (2)44.1A,CA,CC,CA,AB,CB,AA,A,BC,C,MA,A,AC1.655
M&P 9mmMinor886106813-415373 pt
Mike Steinwend (5) 44.56A,CC,CC,CA,AA,BA,BA,A,MA,C,AA,C,MA1.391
XD 9mmMinor8661088013-2562 pt
Stu Saddori (9)58.47C,CC,CA,CC,CB,CA,AA,D,BA,C,MA,C,AD1.043
Glock 9mmMinor66866109-211161 pt
Jay Marshall (10)72.76A,CA,AA,CA,AA,MD,AA,A,BA,C,MB,A,MA0.701
M&P 9mmMinor810810-5613-2-2551 pt
Erich Reinhart (7)51.66A,CD,DC,DA,AA,AC,CA,C,AA,A,BA,A,MC1.336
XD 9mmMinor8241010613130369 pt
Daniel Luna (6)35.29C,CC,CB,DA,CA,BA,MA,D,BA,C,BA,C,MM1.360
1911 .45Major88699-51113-1-1048 pt
Shoji Hattori (*)29.43A,CA,CA,CA,CA,BB,BA,A,BC,A,BA,A,BC2.922
Glock 9mmMinor888886131113386 pt

The Original Sheet (.PDF)